I’am 33 years old, born in 1983 in Bucharest. I’am personal fitness trainer and dietitian, with over 10 years practical experience in these areas. Former athlete …

The main advantages of training right to your doorstep


I use the most effective fitness training method

HIIT Functional Training

Time saved

You don’t have to wait in traffic jams to get to the gym and back home

No stress

You don’t have to squash with everybody in the overcrowded fitness gyms

Maximum comfort

Where can you feel better and more comfortable than at your own home?


Consulting and customized nutrition plan for free




Who should attend home training?
My training systems are suitable for absolutely everyone, from children to the elderly, from the disabled or those in convalescence to athletes, simple people, men and women alike. For each one I can design a special workout depending on the characteristics and objectives. However, the most interested for this type of training are very busy, middle-aged, who have a super busy schedule and lead a sedentary lifestyle.
What is all about with in home fitness training?
During my training sessions I use several fitness methods and styles, together with a wide range of fitness accessories. Also, I’am open to any other variations of physical preparation preferred by the client, but I must admit that my all time favourite is a blend between functional exercises with high intensity intervals (HIIT). The reason behind is simple, it’s the most effective way to loose weight and muscle tone.
How much time is needed for the desired results to be achieved?


Depends on many factors, no one can accurately predict how will everybody react. One thing is still certain, the results do not come overnight. We must have a long term vision for the best achievable goals. I believe that health is the most important and I will not encourage anyone to play with it for the sake of fast losing weight desire.

Is this a good workout for weight loss?
Not just good, but perfect for weight loss. The process of losing weight is done through muscle toning and no muscle catabolism like through starvation diets.
I need to buy something for workouts?
All you need is a mat for ground exercises and a basic fitness equipment and I will handle the rest.
Do you have the option for gym workouts or outdoors?

I’m open to train both indoors and outdoors, the price is the same as for the home workout. I must admit, it will be even higher for the gym workouts because you will have to pay also for our two subscriptions in order for us to be able to get inside the desired fitness club.


1 session


16 monthly sessions

  • INCLUDED – consulting and customized nutrition plan

20 monthly sessions

  • INCLUDED – consulting and customized nutrition plan


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