I am 33 years old, born in 1983 in Bucharest.

I’am a personal fitness trainer and dietitian, with over 10 years practical experience in these areas.


Former athlete, I have played basketball for 13 years, but I was forced to retire from a very promising career in basketball because of an unfortunate injury. All for the better because this way I was able to devote myself entirely for the career that I always wanted in fitness and nutrition, to educate and help people to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Countless diplomas obtained as a result of courses attended both domestically and internationally, helped me to improve myself, but they would not be worth much without a total commitment to assimilate as much information as possible in these very large areas of interest, which are constantly evolving. Always applying and verifying in practice what I’ve learned, I got to develop my own style, combining that information which proved in time to give the best results.

Fitness is part of my life since I can remember; I’ve started around 8-9 years old, in my early childhood at home, to do exercises with only my bodyweight, then I got a set of dumbbells and an expander and without realizing the least bit then, I was already training in the style I’m promoting, functional fitness.

I’ve started this road as a fitness trainer in the gym, then I’ve began to go from one gym to another depending on the preferences of those I’ve trained, to reach in the present to be a fulltime in home personal trainer. I’ve reached this point naturally making through all the stages while realizing that working at home is by far the best option with many benefits, which you can read in detail in the Services section.


I’m one of the few, if not the only personal trainer in Romania who offers only home training services, so I can say that in all these years of experience I have come to greatly improve my technique. It is not enough to be a good classic fitness coach to compose an effective home workout, with many exercises and specific accessories that you rarely find in the fitness gyms focused overwhelmingly on machines. In recent years, however, I noticed in the leading gyms from Bucharest, that the space dedicated to functional training earn increasingly more land, more and more coaches realizing that functional fitness is the best solution for their clients.


To better understand what this type of training is about, I’ve conducted several video montages of my trainings, which I invite you to watch here.