My in home training sessions are based on functional fitness blended with high intensity intervals (HIIT). This type of training exclude all that classic fitness equipment from gyms with machines for every individual muscle part that isolate a single muscle group at a time from the rest, so there is zero functionality for you. I also put very much emphasis both on warming up and on recovery after exercises through dynamic and static stretching movements, steps that are often treated lightly or ignored altogether.


There is a tendency in our country, as the respectable fitness clubs with international background, to allocate increasingly ample space for functional training. Usually in this space the personal trainers work with their clients. Increasingly less you will see old school fitness coaches training their clients just with machines. No offense, but in my opinion, most of their work is resuming in changing weights, counting the reps for the client and telling how many minutes to run on a treadmill.


For the most part, functional training is done with bodyweight exercises  and small free weights (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls) and other specific accessories such as: TRX, elastic bands and cables, bosu ball, fitball and so on. This type of training is belived worldwide to be the most efficient form of exercise for weight loss, muscle toning and motor skills development for everybody, including pro athletes. Why should you need the ultra crowded fitness gyms with their tiny space for functional training and poor facilities when you can call on a coach specialized in this field to come to your home with everything you need and to train you more intensely and more efficiently than at the gym?


This is definitely the training of the future, perfect for this busy world we live in, where every minute counts and the efficiency with which you use your time is very important. Functional fitness can be applied very well at home, therefore you will see in a few years, the number of people who will train privately in their homes will explode and obvious, the need for a personal trainer willing to go to every client in part, will be greater than ever.


If you want to get the best type of workout now and to be sure that your personal trainer knows what he is doing and to maximize the efficiency of your time, call with confidence for my services. You will receive, in addition to training classes, based on my education as a dietitian, a whole nutrition plan for you to attain the best results possible. This includes advice and recommendations regarding nutritional supplements that can also be very helpful.




TIME SAVED – You don’t have to wait in traffic jams to get to the gym and back home

NO STRESS – You don’t have to cram with everybody in the overcrowded fitness gyms

MAXIMUM COMFORT – Where can you feel better and more comfortable than at your own home?

BONUS – Consulting and customized nutrition plan for free